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2016—Gord Gilmour

“Enhancing skills for better understanding agriculture as a business”


Gord is an associate editor with Country Guide magazine, and was previously a reporter with the Manitoba Co-operator and communications consultant with the Canadian Wheat Board. He has been a member of the Canadian Farm Writers’ Federation for nearly 20 years and has been involved in organizing three CFWF annual conferences. He grew up working on a family farm in northeastern Saskatchewan.

He is currently studying business administration at Red River College with the aim of improving his theoretical grounding in all aspects of business given the extensive coverage he has to provide of ‘agriculture as a business’. He plans to take courses in financial accounting, statistics, business law and human resources management amongst other relevant topics so that his writing will reflect a greater understanding of business fundamentals and provide readers with better information on which to base their business decisions. To share the learning from this activity he will contribute two feature-length articles on my professional development activities to the Farm Journalist over the next 12 months. He will also make himself available to the organizers of the upcoming CFWF conference and leadership of the MFWBA for opportunities to make a presentation or participate in a webinar.